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The 21st Century Classroom
Teaching strategies to engage and motivate students
Often teachers wonder... How can this work in my classroom?

Professional development should not be something that you receive.
Professional development should be something that you create that is meaningful and useful to you and your classroom.

This will truly be a work - shop. This workshop will provide participants with the knowledge to implement elements that will improve their classroom, students’ motivation, and peak their students’ interest. This can be done with or without devices, computers or internet. 

Bring your laptop and class material to this workshop. In two days you will learn methods that can transform your classroom and engage your students but also put these methods into YOUR lesson plans. Make learning relevant, interesting and even fun. These techniques have been successfully applied to various grade levels as well as with adult learners. 

• Workbook included for each participant
• Many online resources and samples provided

Limited to first 25 paid registrants.

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