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The 21st Century Classroom Workshop:
Teaching Strategies to Engage and Motivate Students
What will you Learn?

  • Skills our students require to succeed in their future careers and lives.
  • 21st Century skills required for today and the future.
  • Elements to introduce into your class units that improve motivation and peak interest
  • Increase engagement with or without devices, computers or internet
  • How neuroscience can guide and improve instruction (not that geeky)
  • Participants will learn how the brain works and create instruction that helps students engage and learn
  • How to bring creativity into your classwork and the classroom
  • Bring culture into the classroom curriculum (Aboriginal or other)
  • Personalize course content to your student's interest and learning strengths
  • How to customize the contents of this workshop to your classes
  • Teacher techniques and strategies that have been successfully implemented in classrooms to change the atmosphere and engage learners
  • Bring gaming elements into the classroom
  • How to make your classes relevant to the student and their interests

Open forum and share best practices

Workshop Dates and Locations

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