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About Sterling K. Morghan Consulting
Theresa (Therri) Papp is the founder of Sterling K. Morghan Consulting (SKM Consulting)​.

Therri is a Ph.D. candidate and a college instructor. She has been designing and delivering unique programs for youth and adults since the 1990's. These programs gained recognition on the North American stage and led to various invitations to Canada, the United States and internationally to share her instructional approaches that engaged learners.

Her education career has extended to youth as well as adults with a passion to break away from traditional lectures and create learning opportunities that are student driven. She has incorporated many techniques into the classroom with resounding results that have improved engagement, increased learning, and increased attendance while bringing the topics home to be relevant and meaningful to her students. 

Her research has extended from Canada to New Zealand with her primary focus on discovering techniques and strategies for Aboriginal learners that result in cultural learning opportunities and improved education outcomes.